The Blue Villas Team

“When choosing the people on the Blue Villas Team, friendliness is number 1.
Feeling like a family and making our guests feel at home is our main goal.”

Christos Gkekas

CEO & Founder

Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Christos Gkekas received a mechanical engineering diploma in Univeristy. However, from a young age, Christos always dedicated his summers to help out with his family hotel in Northern Greece. After years of working in 5 star luxury hotels in Mykonos and later as a sales executive in travel agencies, Christos and a friend came up with the idea of Blue Villas Collection, wanting to put their knowledge and expertise to use. In 2011, Blue Villas Collection was born. Initially they started with only 12 villas in Santorini. The next year they added 8 more in Santorini and 10 in Mykonos. Although they first started with only accommodation, they very soon learned that bespoke and personal service are important in the hospitality industry. Thus, the development of a dedicated, well-trained, and on-site Blue Villas concierge team on each island quickly arose. Within the next few years, Christos desires a growth in their hand-picked villa collection. Additionally, he hopes to increase the number of villas that are privately owned and fully controlled by Blue Villas Collection in order to ensure high standard services with each and every stay.

Christina Dedes

Reservations & Villa Manager

Born in the U.S.A. and raised near the beautiful beaches in Nafplion, Greece, Christina Dedes holds an international identity. As a teenager, she worked as a receptionist at her hotel family business. Afterwards, she helped people in need around Greece, working as a social work. Finally acknowledging that she is meant to work in the hospitality industry, she returned to the hospitality industry after ten years. Helping and serving others is something she’s always loved to do, and it’s no different at Blue Villas. Hitting her three year anniversary with Blue Villas, this multi-tasker is an admired Villa Consultant, Concierge, and, most recently, Villa Manager. When asked what she loves most about working for Blue Villas, she answered, “Meeting new people and hearing their stories is fascinating. Having just a few minutes to gain their trust over the phone or having to ask the right questions through an e mail can be difficult but is a challenge I always accept. It’s worth it when you see their expression when they walk in the villa I helped them pick out: Smiles all around!”

Dimitris Karageorgos

Villa Consultant

Born and raised in Athens, Dimitris Karageorgos was fascinated by luxury tourism since childhood. As a student, he received his Bachelor in Business Administration from the Aegean University and already showed an inclination to the Tourism industry through his Thesis. Immediately after that he continued his studies to receive his Master in Science in Tourism Planning, Management and Policy. After that he began his career as a back-office agent in B2B operations and later on as a Sales Manager for a number of properties in Greece and Turkey, one of them being a member of the S.L.H. As a Sales Manager within a big international award-winning management company he actively managed and took part in the decision-making for a number of properties throughout Greece and abroad, providing him with a good deal of experience! Intrigued by the innovative concept of Blue Villas, the care and attention shown to the guests and the focus on detail, he joined the team with aspiration, confident that he will put his knowledge and experience to good use, all for the benefit of Blue Villas’ guests.

Amanda Adorni

Santorini Concierge

Amanda Adorni comes from an English and Italian background and has lived all over the world in places, such as New York, Mexico, London and Rome. She also has the ability to speak multiple languages, including Italian, English, Spanish, and a little-bit of Greek. Growing up working at her father’s restaurant, hospitality came second nature to her. The thought of a job in guest relations deemed perfect for her. After having lived in Santorini for a few years, Amanda has become an expert on the island. Thus, it was no surprise when Blue Villas hired her as the concierge for guests in Santorini in the summer of 2015. With such a background, Blue Villas feels lucky to have added Amanda to the team. Describing her experience as a Blue Villas concierge during the summer, she said, “It is a pleasure to share what I know about Santorini with Blue Villas guests so they can really discover the island. It is also a pleasure to give guests a feeling of security while they are here, that I am there for them if they need me. I like to play a part in making Blue Villas guests have a holiday that will stay in their hearts forever. You can't be a good concierge if you do not truly love people and the place you are in.”

Christy Sikinioti

Mykonos Concierge and Events Coordinator

Born and raised in the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos, Christy Sikinioti realized her passion for traveling and PR since a very young age. Some years later she pursued a degree in Public Relations & Communication, which became her inspiration for further research in the field of intercultural tourism. The fact that she is a local Mykonian and knows the island like the back of her hand gave her the advantage of knowing all the insider tips, so she very soon evolved to a very dedicated luxury tourism professional. After working in famous luxury five-star resorts for several years, Christy happily decided to join the Blue Villas team as a Mykonos Concierge Specialist and Event Coordinator. Being a travel enthusiast herself, and having been to more than 65 countries, with the ultimate goal of “travelling the world” within the next five years, she has become familiar with tourism industry both sides, as a guest and as a professional.

Nikos Nezeritis


Born-and-bred in Greece, Nikos Nezeritis has worked as a chef in hotels, catering businesses, and restaurants. For the last five years, he has been working as a private chef- that is until Blue Villas scooped him up for themselves. He has loved cooking for as long as his memory holds true. He began experimenting with his parents from a young age. When he cooks, he prefers Greek and Mediterranean dishes- or rather anything he can cook with pure and biological ingredients. Health and creativity are important factors when he works in the kitchen. After completing his first summer as a Blue Villas chef, he hopes to continue this work for as long as Blue Villas exists. “Serving the guests in their private villas has been a special experience,” says Nezeritis. “After cooking in my kitchen all day, it’s a very nice feeling to serve the guests and watch them be impressed with my creations. And, the incredible view from the villas just completes the entire experience!”

Christina Siatra

Content Manager

Christina Siatra was born and raised in Athens. Some years ago, she dreamt of becoming a teacher and pursued her bachelor in English Literature. This dream did not last for long, since after her graduation she got a job in the gaming industry. You 're thinking "Much better!". Yeah, it was! There, she realized how much she likes team work and communication and fortunately, she pursued this dream instead! Her master’s degree in Digital Communication and Social Media, combined with her love for travelling and tourism, made her part of the Blue team. Christina loves meeting new people, new experiences and talking about it. As she says, “I love communication. Looking for unusual experiences, finding interesting stories, listening to our audience, writing for them, is what I enjoy the most.”

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